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BabaCAD is free CAD software for professionals
from the author of the first 3D simulation and remote control software for PA-10 robot arm
BabaCAD is created by Mirza Coralic

BabaCAD is Awarded Software

BabaCAD is chosen as Editor's choice of month by Brothersoft which is on of leading world software donwload site.More about this award you can read here BrotherSoft Review Staff give one product a Pick Award because this product is easy to use, it has a professional-looking interface, it is excellent compared to other programs in this section and so on.

World's first LISP enabled free CAD

Users can customize BabaCAD and speed up drafting work by using AutoLISP compatible LISP programming extension for BabaCAD. Only commercial CAD software have LISP support, but now BabaCAD has it also. LISP routines are available at huge number of internet sites. Go to LISP section and read about LISP support.


Supports standard CAD files (*.DWG, *.DXF)
Edit fast and save your work with high precision
Organize and group objects with layers and blocks
Draw and modify 2D vector objects like point, line, rectangle, polyline with arc segments, circle, arc, hatch with patterns, text, block, dimension, image
Fast access to blocks using Block Explorer palette
Smart quick dimensioning with linear, aligned, radius, diameter and angular dimensions.
Automate and speed up your work with LISP programming extension for BabaCAD.
World's first customizable and LISP enable freeware CAD. Create your own LISP command icons and load .lsp files on startup.
Object snap (end-point, mid-point, intersection, nearest, perpendicular)
Tracking and coordinates input from command window
Undo/Redo up to 100 commands
Smart selection with left-to-right and right-to-left (smart touch)
Modify commands: trim, extend, offset (offset works well with lwpolylines with bulges)
Plot with scale, layout and multiple viewport support
Use different colors, line types, line widths by block or by layer
Insert images of standard image formats (jpg, bmp, gif,...)
Insert and manage georeferenced raster images (tif/tfw,jpg/jgw,bmp/bpw)
Fast OpenGL graphics used for rendering
BabaCAD runs fast even on older hardware

3D Project

Author: Mirza Coralic is the author of the first professional 3D simulation and remote control software for PA-10 seven dof robot arm. Paper was first published on 8th Mechatronics Forum International Conference : University of Twente, Netherlands 24-26 June 2002.

About BabaCAD

BabaCAD is computer aided design software (CAD) which you can use to open, edit and view dxf drawing and Create your own technical designs for free. Even more, you can work with hatch, insert geoereferenced tif raster images and other standard images. Easy to use, constant growing with new functions and commands. It's 100% free, no registration required. Read some more thoughts from the author from his interview for Cadalyst magazine.