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General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: os updates
« on: May 08, 2017, 07:17:52 pm »
BabaCAD for Mac 1.0 requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher. It's also tested on Sierra MacOS. Here is youtube video of my daughter using BabaCAD on Yosemite Mac OS X (10.10), MacBook Air (2014)

 Check you graphics card drivers and update it to latest version. In most cases problems are caused by graphic card drivers or running BabaCAD in virtual machine (virtual machine is not recommended to run CAD software).

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Mac version vs Windows version?
« on: April 27, 2017, 03:08:17 pm »
I prefer it on a mac and I have both.

I also prefer Mac OS, but BabaCAD 2017 (new version April 2th) for Windows is much better than BabaCAD for Mac OS (v1.0). If you have not downloaded yet, go download it, you will see what I talking about.

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: v 2.0.0 Errata
« on: April 06, 2017, 09:54:32 am »
Thank you for your interest in BabaCAD. I must say that you are just second person who offer to donate for BabaCAD, and BIG thank to you for that, but I cannot accept it, cause I have not accepted from the first guy (also one american, that was 3 years ago) and it's obvious that donation from two guys can't help much in BabaCAD development. But, your review is maybe more valuable for me and for other users, so I must say thank you again.

Now, i will try to anwser to your questions:

1. commands defined with lisp DEFUN function and loaded by APPLOAD will run if typed in Dynamic Entry Box, but auto-complete can't find it cause it's populated at the start of  BabaCAD (i will see in next service pack update to solve this, so auto-complete to know about these commands too).

2. Will fix it,

   a) Z coordinate is displayed and editable in properties pane only for 3D objects like LINE, POINT, 3D POLYLINE, but not for circle, arc, 2d polyline...
   b) to see or get access to n-th vertex of polyline/3dpolyline, just select it and type vertex index (for example 5 for 5th vertex) in "Vertex" field in Properties pane
       or select polyline and once click on vertex which coordinates wants to be displayed in Properties pane (X,Y,Z coordinates) like as you want to move vertex (and
       cancel move by type "Esc" or just click on same snaped vertex coordinate). After that you can also edit coordinates of selected vertex.
   c) you can change Z coordinate of all vertices of 3d polyline object: first type -1 in Vertex field (top field in Geometry section of properties pane for 3d polyline
   object), then type value in Z field. All vertices will move to that Z coordinate.

4. Will fix it,

5. Polyline, 3D polyline and Spline edit are included, just with different command name (also look for icons at Ribbon bar at right). PLINEJOIN, PVERTEXADD,

6. Solution in 3. (I will check if bug exists for moving z-coordinate by typing in command line).

7. I don't understand this. SAVE and SAVEAS exists, just click on BabaCAD icon on top-left (there is also New, Open, Print....)

8. I can put distance command later, but you have properties pane LENGTH, then DIMALIGNED, then you stand on grip point and length of line/polyline segment will
    be displayed also

9. Ortho is depricated cause you have object tracking feature (OTRACK) which is more usable and it's replacement for ortho, so just follow tracking lines...

10. no FILEDIA

11. there is LIST command, maybe it's not included in auto-complete (type LIST in command line)

12. UNITS are welcome, will be there soon (I hope)

13. I put some options in menu (ribbon) bar, but if you like to change options in dialog, ok, will add it

14. Thank you for sharing this LISPS with other users. I also think that many automation tasks can be made using lisp, I just don't have a time for scripting.
      Forgot to tell that these commands or any other .lsp script can be loaded automatically at startup if you edit bcad.mnu file in \Program
      Files\BabaCAD\BabaCAD\Support folder.


General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: not precision
« on: April 03, 2017, 06:14:21 am »
I see you didn't understand me. There is no new release, I fixed it already (faster than a roadrunner). I withdraw Sunday setup with this new one. Just download again and re-install BabaCAD 2017. Otrack now works for LINE command too (that is what you looking for).

I know it sounds weird, but this BabaCAD software is not only dynamic by itself, but it's author is too. For comparison, try imagine this situation with Autodesk for example. You find some small bug (or a way to improve drafting) and e-mail to Autodesk (or some other big company producing CAD software). You may get answer for a week or two, but then you ask them to fix that. Ha ha, they would only laugh. You can expect that fix for about few years, and here you got your wish in about 45 min.


General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: not precision
« on: April 03, 2017, 12:46:43 am »
Nice suggestion. Thank you. I must admit that thing always pissed me off. I fixed it and now you can tell that BabaCAD 2017 had to move release date from April 2th to April 3th, as now it's 1.00 AM in Sarajevo :) (I will put a new setup file for about 30 min).

Have a good drafting

Everyone who downloaded BabaCAD 2017 at Sunday must re-download and re-install it on Monday (first remove version that is already installed).

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: How to enable trace log?
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:46:35 pm »
It's plugin log, independent from BabaCAD. Maybe I haven't enabled it in that plugin version. I will add option in .ini file to enable error log in next plugin release.

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Table alias (label)
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:59:31 am »
Yes, DB view is the only option for now, but I will add the alias as an option in next release. Next oracle AddOn version is on the way together with new BabaCAD release.


General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: How to enable trace log?
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:51:49 am »
Check for bcoraerr.log file in folder \Program Files (x86)\BabaCAD\BabaCAD. It should contain last oracle query error.


General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Command shortcut
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:48:54 am »
Next release will have dynamic input and command autocomplete. First update will be for Windows in next week or two, and after that, it will come version update for Mac.

Kind regards

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Mac version vs Windows version?
« on: November 07, 2016, 09:20:10 am »
Everything related to BabaCAD (wishes also) can be asked here on this forum.

Length and Area are calculated automatically for polyline entities, just select polyline and look at the "Properties" window.

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Mac version vs Windows version?
« on: November 04, 2016, 07:46:06 pm »
Windows and Mac versions almost have no functional differences. There are just a few more functions in Mac version, like Array and Mirror (Modify menu), Ellipse (Draw), better render quality, export to pdf. In Mac version, Lisp is built-in, and in Windows version, Lisp has to be download as Extension Module (AddOn).

Next version of BabaCAD for Windows (release 1.3.6) are comming soon, with:

- Linetypes (- - -, -.-.-, -- -- --, ...) that can be customized (linetypes file in /support/bcad.lin)

- Array and Mirror modify functions that are already in Mac version.

- New entites and drawing commands: ellipse, spline (3D), 3D polyline (3DPOLY).

- New version will be 3D enabled (this is not yet 3D solid modeling version, which is on the way, but more about this later).

- LINE, POINT and 3D POLYLINE objects will have Z coordinate (modifiable in Properties window or moving and snaped to other 3D objects in workspace). Length property calculated for 3D lines and 3D polylines.

- There will be more cool things like "Dynamic Input", grid on/off, smooth render as LW on/off, raster image now saves to dxf when inserted in drawing.

- 3DORBIT command (also SHIFT+scrollwheel+mouse to explore 3D)
- 2D/3D VIEWS: top, front, left,right, isometric.
- Polyline join (PLINEJOIN) for all line based objects (line,polyline,3D polyline).
- New Tools: convert 2D to 3D polyline.

Hope everyone will enjoy a new enhanced BabaCAD 1.3.6

BabaCAD for Mac will soon be available again in Apple AppStore, as it has to pass some tests for macOS Sierra.

Kind regards

I will put language packs soon, because executable starting too slow if all-languages  fonts are included. I will try to put Chinese patch first on the list.

I checked again, but it's not 1.3.5. beta bug. It is bug since 1.3 (earlier versions are good). I will fix this in next release. When saved from BabaCAD, and when you open dxf again in BabaCAD, layout is ok. Problem is with dwg and dxf saved in AutoCAD.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you that you have to choose "Page setup" by right clicking on "Layout1" tab (or any Layout tab) at the bottom. Page setup from file menu is not working (will check why).

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