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There is layout reading bug in 1.3.5 beta version which is not fully tested. Download stable 1.3.4 version from main page.

Ellipse is programmed since mac version and I will add it to windows version too. I have doubt about Construction lines cause tracking feature is some type of replacement for old time AutoCAD XLine entities. Ortho mode is similar.

Yes, it is useful, and I will try to add that feature in next release.

It is bug, it will be fixed in next release. Thanks.

It is bug. I noticed this but forgot to add it to bug fixes list. Thanks.

Check again. When paper layout is changed then paper is changed also, but you have to modify viewport to fit to new  paper size.

I can't promise, but I was thinking of adding Ribbon instead of classic 16x16 button toolbars. I just have to draw new ribbon buttons. Good thing is that I bought Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 for development (switched from 2005 version in 2012), and I later found that Ribbon is included in Visual Studio 2010.

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Commandline options?
« on: April 24, 2016, 07:26:16 pm »
There is no cmd line parameters option, but I plan to add support for script commands (.scr).

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Missing Lisp commands
« on: April 24, 2016, 02:15:18 pm »
You're almost right. Commands atof, rtos and read are not on the list, but there are few functions added in the last release of list module (2016):

~ (bitwise not operator)

Also you can call ssget "X" with filter. For example you can select just ARC entities in drawing:
(SETQ ss (SSGET "X" (list '(0 . "ARC")))

There is good example which have new functions, and that was my anwser to one croatian user, so it is on bosnian version of this forum (just scroll down to copy lisp function bcount). It's about counting all blocks in drawing

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Show Statup end
« on: April 24, 2016, 01:48:57 pm »
You're absolutely right. I rarely test BabaCAD on older machines so I can't see that delay. It can go up to 4-5 secs on older PC, and it's caused by low hard disk speed as BabaCAD is loading hatch patterns from text file bcad.pat which is located in /Support subfolder.

I had one idea a long time ago for this and I think it's the best solution. I will add semaphore event in hatch loading, so mouse will get response every 200 or 300 ms. User will see mouse is moving, just with short breaks until all hatch patterns are loaded.

Good tip, thank you. Will add this in next release. I also think about saving toolbar position data in registry, but after your comment about running BabaCAD as portable, you are right, it's better to save this data to .ini file.

Thanks for good suggestions

It's not a bad idea, but for now you can open one  .lsp file in explorer using right click and OpenWith... and then check "Always use .. to open this file type". After this just double click to open .lsp files in notepad, wordpad or custom text editor.


General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: EED-support ?
« on: April 24, 2016, 01:25:00 pm »
EED (ExtendedDataEntity) is supported in BabaCAD extension modules .bem (you can see this feature on GIS section in home website, there are modules which add extension data on polylines, GIS data).

I will also think about adding EED support as lisp functions also.

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: Running Babacad from Stick
« on: April 24, 2016, 01:18:23 pm »
Yes, BabaCAD can run as portable app cause it use no additional resources from system ones it is installed. Delay of about 2 sec after start is caused by loading hatch patterns from bcad.pat file which is located in Support folder (everyone can test this, just open bcad.pat in text editor and delete all except few pattern definitions, and then restart BabaCAD).

I never thought of BabaCAD as portable app, but it's fro sure 100% portable, and I suppose that you a not the only one who realized that, but first who mention that fact on this forum.

I searched on google and find no pro CAD software on Windows portable app list. I hope someone will edit wiki page and add BabaCAD to this list:

Greetings to all BabaCAD users

General discussion about BabaCAD / Re: lisp
« on: April 04, 2016, 09:18:36 am »
Hi Fred,

I've tried to find pc with windows vista 64 to test if that failure is caused by vista, but I could not find any. If anyone with vista 64 find same error msg, please write on this forum or contact the author.

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