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os updates


I've downloaded version 1.0 from the apple store and it doesn't seem to be working as it should so I was thinking they may be bugs which were repaired in later versions

BabaCAD for Mac 1.0 requires Mac OS 10.10 or higher. It's also tested on Sierra MacOS. Here is youtube video of my daughter using BabaCAD on Yosemite Mac OS X (10.10), MacBook Air (2014)


 Check you graphics card drivers and update it to latest version. In most cases problems are caused by graphic card drivers or running BabaCAD in virtual machine (virtual machine is not recommended to run CAD software).

I have no problem drawing circles or lines.   I have trouble with other commands like parallel lines, sometimes it works while other times it doesn't.  it also crashes.  i'm using the latest version 10.12.6

I was busy working on BabaCAD 2017 for Windows, but now I hope I will find some time to make update for Mac version too.


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