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searching for crosshairs and rulers


Hi all, i am new in BabaCad, just downloaded and installed and trying to draw something.

I am using Windows 10 X64.
i am trying to draw a bathroom layout in 2D with measuring in it.
Does anyone know if it is possible to use crosshairs and rulers ?
and can i use a grid with snap on functions ?

thanks for the info in advance !

You don't need rulers or snap on grid as it's obsolete feature in professional CAD software. BabaCAD 2017 has advanced "Dynamic input" feature, so it's very easy to draw anything with measure. Just start to draw lines/polylines and enter length, distances and angles using dynamic input which is turned on by default. There are also object tracking (tracking lines for horizontal/vertical, orthogonal and extensions on lines that you draw). BabaCAD has object snap on nearest, orthogonal, intersections, extensions for advanced precision drafting.

Looking for more information or education, do you recommend it?


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