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Lisp for Area and Perimeter


Hello Babacad Team,
here another Lisp program for area and circumference (perimeter). It works on another DXF Program (LTplus).
It would be much better if for example the room name could stand at the to of the calculations. Maybe for your next Program update.
Best greetings

I hardly found that CAD software, LTplus, and it looks good, but not quite cheap (1780 Euro). I will add _AREA and _PERIMETER commands and that lisp will work. There are no Area and Perimeter commands right now, but area and perimeter can be found at BabaCAD Properties window (length value is actually perimeter).

Hello Babadmin,
this LTplus is very cheap about 290, it is okay but in a way in my opinion to restricted... - no open Forum to discuss things they dont want the users talk about any thing, at the end your left alone. Very sad!!!!
They have a pure Version and addons for progecad and autocad LT.

Thats maybe why they are hardly found


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