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BabaCAD 2017 (for Windows) released on April 2nd 2017

NEW: BabaCAD 2017 Update 2 beta (for Windows) released on November 21th 2017 (download from Extension Modules)

Fast,precise and FREE !

Free CAD Software built for everyone

Built for everyone

BabaCAD is made for everyone.Students and proffesionals just love it.It's very easy to use but very powerful CAD software built with love

For all skill levels

For all skill levels

BabaCAD is changing CAD industry.Why ??? - You have power of professional tools (which cost 1,000 - 2000 $) - it's easy to use, dwg compatible and it's FREE



This CAD runs fast even on older hardware ... So you don't need 10,000 $ worth machine to use this tool.You can do it with 500$ machine like boss ;)

User Interface

User Interface

A lot of CAD software have complicated user interface with tons of tools but you just dont know which to use for what...Well BabaCAD have simplifed User Interface.

Edit/Save dxf files


Edit fast and save your work with high precision. Read dwg and dxf files, edit, plot and save to dxf standard format.



BabaCAD have full users support.We are in contact with our users and we provide full support fot this software


Customize with LISP or API

Developers can use LISP (AutoLISP compatible) scripts to customize BabaCAD. More over, BabaCAD installation includes API for programming BabaCAD Extension Modules (*.bem). Add new commands and functions for advanced features. Development platform for API is Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (VC10). Developers can write .bem module in just a few minutes. Read more at Developers section.


Extension: LISP

For advanced CAD users, LISP enabled CAD is must to have feature. As there are many available LISP (.lsp) scripts/functions on the web, one can speed up and automate his drafting work with minimum programming knowledge. For those who have some knowledge of LISP programming, there are no limits in programming powerful lisps for any purpose.

Download LISP extension from Extension Modules


Extension: ESRI Shape

ESRI shapefile format is one of the most used file format in Geographic Information Systems - GIS. ESRIShape extension (Add-on) for BabaCAD gives you the power of professional GIS editing software. Open .shp shapefiles among with attributes stored in .dbf files. Edit shape geometry features such as points, lines, polylines. View and edit attributes using Table View and Highlight, Zoom-To features. Filter attribute data using excel-like filter in Table View.

Download ESRI Shape extension from Extension Modules


Extension: Oracle Locator/Spatial

Big data business must be aware that file system is wrong choise for CAD/GIS data storage. BabaCAD with Oracle Spatial extension enables direct connectivity with Oracle Spatial/Locator database to view and edit spatial data and attributes. Avoid conflicts using multi-user working environment, access CAD/GIS data from anywhere. Build your own CAD/GIS cloud.

Download OracleSpatial extension from Extension Modules

Built with BabaCAD.

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