BabaCAD Robotics Edition

After almost 15 years development of BabaCAD software, in 2020 comes "BabaCAD Robotics". It's special edition of BabaCAD software, which comes with features that helps robotics, mechanical engineers and other robotics enthusiasts to construct, simulate and share robot and mechatronics models with established robotics community ("Heron Community for Mass Robotics" partner's project).

"BabaCAD Robotics" and "Heron Community for Mass Robotics" partnership

Heron Community for Mass Robotics Mirza Coralic (author/owner of "BabaCAD" and "BabaCAD Robotics" software) and Joseph Caristena (founder of "ES Design" and "Heron Community for MASS Robotics") started partnership in the year 2020, based on common interests in helping and providing useful informations and knowledge to robotics community arround the world. Mr. Caristena chose "BabaCAD" and "BabaCAD Robotics" as a right software solution for members of "Heron Community for MASS Robotics" as a software with user friendly interface and good platform for modeling, simulation and online sharing of mass robotics components and models.

Heron Community for Mass Robotics Joseph Caristena is the founder of “ESDesign”,a Canadian company based in the new silicon valley of Toronto Canada called the “CorridorTech”. The development team is composed by Joseph Caristena (design, mechanics & software development) and Gil Formella (project management). The programme called “Heron Community for Mass Robotics” is connecting local communities around the world. One of the main targets of this programme is to empower local communities and avoid a new digital divide in the emerging sector of robotics. More about "Heron Community" project can be found on the official website

Heron .stl model

BabaCAD Robotics 2020 is scheduled to be released in mid-2020. BabaCAD Robotics is based on existing BabaCAD Enterprise platform, so it includes 3D modeling commands, ability to import/export .step and .stl 3D models, viewing/exploring of robotics parts in different 2D/3D views. Also, there are tools to construct parts starting from 2D shapes using BabaCAD smart drafting features like drawing lines/polylines with dynamic input (length/angle), use help of tracking lines, object snap and many other 2D editing tools.

New features are being developed for Robotics version, and some of which are kinematics chain, inverse kinemtics calculation, building complex robots by drag/drop existing components from online library explorer and much more.

BabaCAD for Robotics

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