BabaCAD Enterprise - not just a CAD

BabaCAD is professional CAD software with full .DWG support, LISP scripting and advanced drafting tools. BabaCAD Home Edition is for CAD professionals and Enterprise Edition is even more powerful for companies to develop custom plugins for their specific needs.
BabaCAD Enterprise edition now enables developers to use C# (or Visual Basic) as programming language and .NET framework to extend BabaCAD with custom commands, functions or make some complex software solutions based on BabaCAD platform.
Watch the video on the right, to see how we programmed custom command named 'GETGEODATA' to get boundary geometry of any country (country border) that we specify. Extension was programmed with C# and using basic .NET libraries like HttpClient (to connect to one of many free online web services; in our case web service for country boundaries). Code was written in just a few minutes and contains no more than ten lines of code. After C# project is compiled in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (or any other MS Visual Studio version with .NET 4+), .DLL module is copied to BabaCAD NetModules folder and BabaCAD loads it at the startup automatically.

BabaCAD 2019 Enterprise