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BabaCAD author and owner is Mr. Mirza Coralic, diploma engineer of electrical engineering; Faculty of Electrical Engineering – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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  1. “BabaCAD4Image.dll for Irfanview is free”
    I use the portable version of IrfanView with all plugins (latest v4.53).

    When opening a DWG file, IrfanView display the hint for your Plugin (at first DWG file only).
    With the next DWG file I get the message: “Please purchase the CAD Image DLL from http://www.cadsofttools.com. Evaluation only” and I cannot zoom into the DWG.
    I thought this viewer only service would be free?

    • Irfanview has two CAD plugins. BabaCAD4Image is free from author of BabaCAD, but another plugin (cadimage.dll) is from some other company and it’s not free. BabaCAD4Image can open dwg up to R2006 version, and if user in irfanview tries to open newer dwg, it loads cadimage cause BabaCAD4Image can’t open newer versions of dwg files.

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