BabaCAD Extension Modules (BEM) (separated 32-bit and 64-bit version)

Extend your BabaCAD with more great features for free

Extensions for 64-bit BabaCAD 2017 (2.0.0) download:

ESRI Shape AddOn 2.0.0 (NEW: May-2017)

Read more about ESRI Shape extension in GIS section

Extensions for 32-bit BabaCAD (1.3.4) download:

Download BabaCAD 1.3.5 beta (Mar-2016)

Lisp Extension 1.0.5 (Feb-2016)

GIS Cloud Extension 1.2.4 - MultiConnection (must be paired with Cloud Server app)

Oracle Spatial AddOn Lite 1.0.2 (read about in GIS section)

ESRI Shape AddOn 1.0.2 (Sept-2016; Read more in GIS section)

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