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BabaCAD Home Edition - CAD for professional drafting

BabaCAD 2020 Home Edition

BabaCAD 2019 Enterprise 3D

BabaCAD 2019 Enterprise Edition

BabaCAD 2020 Home Ed.

BabaCAD 2020 Home Edition (released on June-25-2020) comes with huge improvements in opening and fast editing of complex DWG/DXF drawings with hundreds of thousands objects (any DWG R13 to R2020 files). There is upgraded Hatch command (on separate Ribbon menu) to quickly create Hatch objects, just by adding interior points. Fillet and Chamfer are new tools to speed up your drafting work. Download trial version to explore all new features.

3D Solid Modeling

BabaCAD 2019 Enterprise 3D edition comes with new 3D Modeling menu section. This section has basic commands to create and modify 3D Solid objects, like Extrude, Chamfer, Holes etc. Import/Export .STEP 3D models or .STL meshes ready for 3D printing. This is the first BabaCAD vqersion with 3D modeling capabilities, released as beta (2019, build 4.0.0). This version are constantly improved and more features and updates are coming in the future.

ISO Standard 3D format

ISO-10303 Standard format is used for 3D models exchange (.STEP) and implemented as default format to import and save 3D models in BabaCAD 2019 Enterprise 3D edition. User's work is saved as a mixed 2D/3D objects project. BabaCAD 2019 saves 2D objects in DXF and 3D objects in STEP files. This feature gives 100% compatibility with other 2D/3D CAD platforms.

Low-Cost, .DWG and LISP

BabaCAD is compatible with other CAD software. Open/Save .DWG/.DXF drawings designed in other CAD software. BabaCAD Home edition comes with everything needed for professional draft work, even with LISP scripting enabled. With all these features, BabaCAD Home edition is almost free CAD software if it's price is compared to other professional CAD tools.

Scalable & Customizable

BabaCAD Enterprise edition is extensible by programming user Plugins (C#, VB, .NET .dll). Add your custom functions/commands to solve specific problems. Use Microsoft Visual Studio development tool with large .NET library and many useful components like Web Services, Database connectivity and more.

Drafting capabilities

BabaCAD Home edition is the right choice for professional 2D drafters. It comes with powerful drafting tools to make complex drawings and technical papers. Plot using layouts and multiple viewports to get high definition technical papers in any scale with highest possible precision.

Edition (2020)
Edition (2019)
Full .DWG support (R12,R13,R14,R2000,R2004,R2007,R2010,R2013,R2018)
• Draw 2D/3D Line, Point, Polyline, Spline, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Rectangle, Hatch
• Standard CAD file formats support: DWG (native), DXF, SHP (Esri shape AddOn)
• Make/Insert blocks, choose from number of linetypes, lineweights, hatch patterns
• Draft with precision using Object Snap (near,endpoint,midpoint,perpendicular,parallel), Object tracking
• Modify tools: move, rotate, scale, mirror, offset, trim, extend, array, join, break, fillet, chamfer...
• Insert dimmensions (linear, aligned, radius, diameter, angular), fractional dimensions, smart placing
• Insert and save images (tif, jpeg, bmp, gif), georeferenced images (tif/tfw,jpg/jgw)
• Plot with high quality, use layouts, multiple vieports, model/paper space...
LISP scripts (.lsp)
• User SCRIPTs (.scr)
3D Solid Modeling
• Develop and load .NET modules (C#,VB,Java). Code your own commands/functions/modules.
Life-time license
• Free upgrade of new versions/patches for registered users
• Help & Support 24/7 by e-mail
  Single User/Seat License (life-time)$99.90$399.90

BabaCAD Features

Edit fast and save your work with high precision
Organize and group objects with layers and blocks
Draw and modify 2D/3D vector objects like point, line, 3DPolyline, spline, 2D objects like rectangle, polyline with arc segments, circle, arc, ellipse, hatch with patterns, text, block, dimension, image
Fast access to blocks using Block Explorer palette
Smart quick dimensioning with linear, aligned, radius, diameter and angular dimensions.
Fractional dimensions, dimension precision and more settings in Dimension Styles
Use different (customizable) line types, line widths in mm/inch/feet
Change drawing units (command UNITS) and default linewidth (LWDEFAULT)
Construct circle using center/radius, two-points, three-points or tangent-tangent-radius input
Automate and speed up your work with LISP programming for BabaCAD.
LISP interpreter built-in. Create your own LISP command icons and load .lsp files on startup.
Object snap (end-point, mid-point, intersection, nearest, perpendicular, parallel)
Tracking and coordinates input in Dynamic EditBox or from Command Line
Undo/Redo up to 100 commands
Smart selection with left-to-right and right-to-left (smart touch)
Modify commands: trim, extend, offset, offset of lwpolylines with bulges
Plot with high quality, scale, layouts and multiple viewports support
Use different colors, line types, line widths by block or by layer
Insert and save images of standard image formats (jpg, bmp, gif,...)
Insert and manage georeferenced raster images (tif/tfw,jpg/jgw,bmp/bpw)
Fast OpenGL graphics used for rendering
BabaCAD runs fast even on older hardware.

BabaCAD Enterprise features

Fully customizable edition using .NET technology. Just one developer can extend
BabaCAD Enterprise functionalities in minutes. Developers can use C#, VB, Java to code new commands and functions.
E-mail support 24/7. Every licensed user is allowed to fill features wish list.
Access to .NET Modules downloads, which will often be updated with new modules and features.
.NET Modules can only be used on BabaCAD Enterprise editions, but lisp and .bem modules can be shared across BabaCAD community.
Every new version of BabaCAD Enterprise Edition will be available for licensed users, free of charge.
Developers will find example .NET Projects under the \Program Files\BabaCAD\BabaCAD 2019 Enterprise\NetProjects folder.
BabaCADNetTools module implements many additional commands (ex. SCRIPT command)
BabaCADNetDemo is sample .NET project (C#,VB) with all source code in ..\Program Files\BabaCAD\NetProjects\ folder
Enterprise users will also have access to other source code of future releases of .NET Modules.

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BabaCAD Robotics Edition

After almost 15 years development of BabaCAD software, in 2020 "BabaCAD Robotics" is released. It's special edition based (includes it completely) on BabaCAD software, which comes with features that helps robotics, mechanical engineers and other robotics enthusiasts to construct, simulate and share robot and mechatronics models with established robotics community. Do offline simulation and plan the trajectory inside of 3D virtual robot's working environment, and also do that for hundreds of industrial robots simultaneously. BabaCAD Robotics can be also used to control an industrial or custom made robot in real time.

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BabaCAD Robotics 2021 - Robotics Simulation & Control Software

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