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It’s often necessary to convert CAD files as dxf or dwg to pdf or some other image formats (jpg,bmp,gif,png..). Dxf to pdf quick and free solution is something that we have provided here. We developed dxf format plugin for IrfanView – world most popular image viewer. Latest IrfanView version 4.35 plugins pack includes BabaCAD4Image plugin to enable reading and viewing dxf files. BabaCAD4Image is free and has ability to convert dxf to image with unlimited resolution. This means you can go to IrfanView->Options->Plugins->Dxf Options and set whatever resolution/quality for converting dxf to image. Then, after you read and view dxf, you can save it to any image format (IrfanView supports over 100 image formats). Even more, you can use IrfanView batch processing feature to convert multiple cad drawings in command line at once. Download IrfanView 4.35 and plugins and try it, link is

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the plugin, it works quite well. I’m batch-converting some DWG files to PNG using IrfanView, but sometimes it produces images that contain the text “Please purchase CAD Image DLL – Evaluation Version-”.

    Is there a way around this, i.e. can I purchase that DLL or use another conversion engine to produce PNGs that do not contain this text? Thanks.

    • That message is from some other plugin (CadImage.dll) and not from BabaCAD4Image plugin (which is absolutely free and there is no evaluation version of it). You get that message when you try to open newer DWG files (version R>2006), cause IrfanView automatically switch to that commercial plugin from other company/author, and BabaCAD4Image can read only DWG files prior to version R2007.

      But there is a way to avoid this problem, if you download 100% free DWG converter named TrueView from Autodesk. With TrueView you can convert any DWG file version to DWG R2000 or DWG R2004 which is supported by BabaCAD4Image (and also BabaCAD which you can use to edit them). After you convert you DWG files, IrfanView will always use BabaCAD4Image plugin to open it.

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