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I want to bring this matter to people who are not familiar with computer aided design (CAD). CAD is mainly used for detailed engineering, but there are many situations when you will need to draw something with high precision and not expecting it to be an engineering project. It’s not economical to buy expensive CAD software for such situtations. There are many free cad solutions out there. One has just to choose the suitable one for his need and here are some directions you can follow:

- try to find free CAD software, where ‘free’ means no registration, no limited features
- there are many AutoCAD clones (maybe 90% of all free cad softwares today) based on intellicad platform, and I don’t like ‘based on some platform’ fact, cause of many reasons (will talk in another post about this)
- number of usefull commands and functions
- complexity
- speed (must use OpenGL or DirectDraw graphics acceleration)
- download size

BabaCAD is still in development phase and many new features are coming soon. Just finishing plot command and plot layouts with model/paper modes. Check for new release at


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  1. i need to draw a street light poll and put things on it,and also see inside the poll.
    i want to make a SolarSystem street light, my Imagination and design .
    Please help.

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