Update your CAD after Windows XP end of support date (April 8th)

Maybe some of you didn’t realize important fact that older versions of the most used AutoCAD drafting software like AutoCAD 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 can’t run on Windows 7 nor Windows 8. Companies with large CAD seats would have large expenses to update their CAD software to newer versions after Windows XP end of support on April 8th. You don’t have to buy newer versions of CAD software, like AutoCAD 2014 or verticals (Autodesk Map, Civil 3D…) to migrate to  Windows 7 or Windows 8. BabaCAD is one of the best alternatives to AutoCAD LT as it’s free, supports LISP routines, fast download and run (less than 3 Mb installation). You can download BabaCAD 1.3 free and there is also good support on BabaCAD official website http://www.babacad.com . There is also 3D and online web versions in development phase, so check for updates and stay tuned.

You can find video tutorials about BabaCAD at http://www.babacad.com/tutorials.html or you can visit online help pages at http://www.babacad.com/Help/BabaCAD_Help.htm