Free CAD for dwg files

BabaCAD 1.2 is released out with dwg read support up to R2007 (R2007 not included). Dwg file format is widely used for sharing CAD drawings and CAD blocks. Special thanks to my friend Haris Hasanbegovic who helped me with dwg support. There are also many new usefull features in new version. Snap to nearest, intersection, perpendicular are now available (end-point osnap already was there). Text objects are now filled and curved with Arial font default. Ritght-to-left rectangular selection is precise for touch selection. Arc draw is now with three points input mode as default (center-start-end angle input is option in command window). Polyline includes bulges (arc segments) with smart input and editing feature. New modify commands: offset, trim and extend. Offset command very usefull for cnc offseting of 2D lightweight polylines with arc segments. Undo/redo up to 100 commands. More right-click menu commands. Mouse right-click can replace enter key in command window. Select as you click, esc or mouse rclick + Deselect all to deselect. File formats supported in BabaCAD are *.dwg, *.dxf for  open, and *.dxf for save. New release are coming soon with more new features, so check it out at